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Conroy Farm-

Lindsay has organically grown vegetables,handmade jewelry, produce, grocery tote bags with original designs. She has been growing organically raised vegetables on and off for 17 years. She has been making jewelry consistently for 13 years.

Tranquil Moon Massage-

Tranquil Moon Massage is a relatively new as a business. Brianna is a local massage therapist with 7 years experience graduating from Saranac Lake massage college (NCCC), She has worked in Buffalo NY, Lake Placid and Peru NY. She has gift certificates for her local studio in Peru. Brianna offers 10-,15-, and 20-minute massages. Check her out on Facebook-

Artistic Visions-

Jonathan makes soy candles. This is where creativity and passion collide creating fun and whimsical products for all to enjoy. Check out Artistic Visions on Facebook.

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