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More Vendors-

Four Maples Vineyard and Winery Inc-

They produce only home grown wine from grapes grown in their vineyard. They have a tasting room and produce cream liquor. They have wine, liquor, and products from their vineyard like grape jam. They are located in Champlain NY. Check them out on Facebook-

Red Oak Food Company-

Jordan and Sarah started their business during COVID. They realized life is too short to not make and do what they love. For 3 years they have sold wholesale and are now at the farmers market. They have sourdough loaves, baguettes and handmade seasonings. They also have small batch miso and seasoned salts. When available, they sell foraged and cultivated mushrooms. Jordan is a certified forager. All their products are homemade. Check them out on Facebook-

Paul Smith's College Adirondack Watershed Institute-

This is a nonprofit organization. They work at understanding and protecting the natural resources in the Adirondacks. Check them out on Facebook-

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